Interview and Profile of British Indoor Champion Nathan Fox

Following his success in Sheffield last week, where he successfully retained the title of British Indoor Champion, I caught up with Triple Jumper Nathan Fox to find out more about his athletics career and some of the work he does away from the track promoting athletics and healthy living in British schools.

iTJ: How did you first get into athletics and when did you realise you had a talent for the Triple Jump?
NF: I first got into athletics through my secondary (year 7) school sports day – aged 12. My talent in the Triple Jump was realised a year later when I placed 5th at my first English schools final in 2004. 

iTJ: Which Triple Jump Legends inspired you when you were young and which jumpers and coaches do you admire today?
NF: Obviously having someone from your country (Jonathan Edwards) holding the World Record is a big inspiration for any young Triple Jumper. Being coached by two time Olympian Larry Achike for 4 years probably had the biggest impression on me and he is someone that I still look up to today. 

iTJ: What’s been the worst injury you have suffered in your career and what tips can you give for avoiding injuries?
NF: My worst injury happened at 17 when I completely ruptured my rectus femoris – one of the quadriceps muscles – which took me out of the sport at a crucial time. My advice for avoiding injuries would be to listen to your body at all times and never rush back from an injury to avoid it happening again. 

iTJ: What are your favourite and least favourite training drills?
NF: My favourite training drills would be bounding; either into the pit or over hurdles. My least favourite training exercise is hill runs due to the lactic acid that normally follows. 

iTJ: Can you give me an idea of your usual daily meal plan?
NF: My meal plan varies depending what time of year we are in. If I am out of competition then I try to have a normal healthy balanced diet to deal with the intensity of training. During competition time I tend to eat less of the ‘traditional’ carbohydrates and more meat, fruit and lots of vegetables. 

iTJ: From the mental preparation at the end of the runway to the moment you land into the pit, what are you focusing on during a competitive Triple Jump?
NF: My main focus as I stand at the end of the runway is to make sure I am relaxed. After that it’s mainly a blur until I get out of the pit as I switch into auto pilot.

iTJ: What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?
NF: My highlight would most probably be competing and placing 6th in the final of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

iTJ: What aims do you have for this year and the future in the Triple Jump?
NF: My aims for this year are to make the Olympic Final in Brazil. And my ultimate goals are to win medals at Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic level in the future. 

iTJ: When you’re not training or competing what other interests and activities do you have?
NF: I’m a big music fan and rarely go a day without listening to it in some form. I also love watching new movies at cinema. Currently I am in the process of building my sporting/media brand – London Reign Sports:

‘We at London Reign Sports pride ourselves in bringing some of
Britain’s best athletes into schools and providing a truly
inspirational experience. Our events not only promote a healthy
lifestyle but also academic excellence as we believe they go hand in

The event includes a whole school fitness circuit which each class
completes with a sports coach and a GB athlete as well as a whole
school assembly full of motivational messages, athletic demonstrations
and a question and answer session.

If this is something you believe your school will benefit from then
please do not hesitate to contact us at for
pricing and other information.’


iTJ: What advice would you give to any aspiring Triple Jumpers to help them make the most of their potential?
NF: Study the event, make sure you have the right people around you for you and more importantly always have fun with it!

iTJ: Many thanks, Nathan. will be supporting you and all the other British Triple Jumpers on your road to Rio this year. If any readers want to help Nathan on his journey to Rio he has set up a fund-raising page The Promise Sand where you can donate towards his training fees with a variety of rewards on offer.

Nathan Fox Profile:

Date of Birth: 21/10/90
Club: Shaftesbury Barnet
Lead Coach: Frank Attoh
Personal Bests: 16.69m/16.37i

Annual Progression:

2004: 12.98m 5th English Schools Championships Junior Boys
2005: 14.11m 1st English Schools Championships Junior Boys
(Nathan remains the only Under 15 British athlete to have jumped over 14 metres)
2006: 14.44m/14.74w
2007: 15.11m 5th European Youth Olympics
1st English Schools Championships Intermediate Boys
2008: 14.74m (Out injured until September)
2009: 15.39m 3rd English Schools Championships Senior Boys
2010: 15.42i 3rd British Championships and European Trials
1st BUCS Indoor Championships
2011: 15.85m 1st BUCS Championships
1st BUCS Indoor Championships
2012: 16.29m 3rd British Championships and Olympic Trials
2nd BUCS Championships
1st BUCS Indoor Championships
2013: 16.22m 3rd British Championships
1st BUCS Championships
2014: 16.69m 6th Commonwealth Games
3rd British Championships and European Trials
2nd British Indoor Championships
2015: 16.65m 3rd British Championships
1st British Indoor Championships
1st England Athletics Senior Championships
2016: 16.21i 1st British Indoor Championships

Written by iTripleJump

A Triple Jumper for over 35 years - from an over-hopping junior to a county-level senior - I still enjoy jumping in national and international Masters competitions in the event that has gripped me since my first hop, step and jump onto a springless PE mat. Waiting for that perfect jump. That one perfect jump ...

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