Preview: 2016 World Indoor Championships

Portland, USA, 19 March 2016.

The format for this weekend’s Triple Jump competitions is that both contests are straight finals with each athlete having 3 jumps. The best 8 athletes will receive 2 more jumps with only the top 4 gaining a 6th round jump.

Women’s Final, 11.37 am PDT 6.37 pm GMT. Live Coverage British Eurosport 1 (6 pm – 9.30 pm GMT), BBC Red Button and Online (5.50 pm – 8.30 pm GMT).
20 year-old Yulimar Rojas of Venezuela has dominated the indoor rankings this winter with consistent competition victories over the 14.50m mark. Her leading mark, a new South American Record of 14.69m, is 40 cm further than any of her rivals have mustered this year and makes her a clear favourite to take gold in Portland. Behind Rojas, little covers the rest of the field and medals on the day could be won by small margins. Germany’s Kristin Gierisch peaked last year at the European Indoor Championships and could do likewise at a major Championships this year. Iryna Vaskouskaya of Belarus, Kristiina Mäkelä of Finland and Elena Panturoiu of Romania have all posted PBs this winter, while Paraskeví Papahrístou of Greece is returning to form again after showing such promise as an Under 23 athlete who posted 14.72m in 2011. Jeanine Assani Issouf could be one to watch having finished 9th in Beijing last summer and part of a growing strength in depth in French Triple Jumping.

Entries ranked by 2016 Best Performance:
1. Yulimar Rojas (Venezuela) 14.69m (PB)
2. Kristin Gierisch (Germany) 14.29m
3. Iryna Vaskouskaya (Belarus) 14.23m (PB)
4. Paraskeví Papahrístou (Greece) 14.21m
5. Kristiina Mäkelä (Finland) 14.20m (PB)
6. Jeanine Assani Issouf (France) 14.17m
7. Elena Panturoiu (Romania) 14.15m (PB)
8. Keturah Orji (USA) 14.12m
9. Christina Epps (USA) 14.05m
10. Carmen Toma (Romania) 13.94m
11. Ana Peleteiro (Spain) 13.91m
12. Ayanna Alexander (Trinidad & Tobago) 13.70m
13. Sanna Nygård (Finland) 13.63m
14. Irina Ektova (Kazakhstan) 13.48m
15= Keila Costa (Brazil) NM
15= Shanieka Thomas (Jamaica) NM

iTripleJump Predicts: 1st Rojas, 2nd Gierisch, 3rd Papahrístou.

Rojas setting her World Lead:

Men’s Final, 5.00 pm PDT Midnight GMT. Live Coverage: British Eurosport 1 (12 am – 3 am GMT), BBC2 (12 am – 3.30 am GMT).
As with the Women’s competition, the Men’s field is led by an athlete around 40 cm ahead of their rivals. China’s Dong Bin added 3 cm to his PB when he leapt to 17.41m in Nanjing last month, but his previous form in major competitions (he finished 10th in London 2012 over half a metre down on his PB of 17.38m from just a few months earlier) means that the gold medal is far from a formality. Behind Bin, Germany’s 19 year-old Max Hess looks a fantastic prospect for the future, but how much further can he go this year than his 17.00m at his National Championships? The man who could prove to be Bin’s biggest threat is last year’s Outdoor World Championships 4th placed athlete and winner of the Indoor World Series this winter, American Omar Craddock. Jumping on home soil and reaching 16.96m on the same track last week, despite being well behind the board, sun-glassed Craddock could ensure another global title for American Triple Jumping alongside those held by Christian Taylor. Other medal contenders include another American, Chris Benard, 3rd last week behind Craddock and Chris Carter (amazingly omitted from the US Team on the basis of reaching the qualifying standard too late despite winning with 17.06m) and France’s Harold Corréa. His team mate, European Outdoor Champion Benjamin Compaoré, has been steadily improving all winter following his change of hopping leg, and has the experience the thrive in Portland. Talking of experience, 30+ years-old athletes Marian Oprea (Romania), Nelson Évora (Portugal) and Tosin Oke (Nigeria) will all have a shot of a podium finish.

Entries ranked by 2016 Best Performance:
1. Dong Bin (China) 17.41m (PB)
2. Max Hess (Germany) 17.00m (PB)
3. Omar Craddock (USA) 16.96m
4. Chris Benard (USA) 16.93m
5. Harold Corréa (France) 16.91m
6. Benjamin Compaoré (France) 16.88m
7. Roman Valiyev (Kazakhstan) 16.87m
8. Marian Oprea (Romania) 16.82m
9. Nelson Évora (Portugal) 16.71m
10. Pablo Torrijos (Spain) 16.68m
11. Jonathan Drack (Mauritius) 16.67m
12. Nazim Babayev (Azerbaijan) 16.50m
13. Tosin Oke (Nigeria) 16.48m
14. Aphonso Jordan (USA) 16.28m
15. Olu Olamigoke (Nigeria) 15.87m
16. Yordanys Duranona (Dominica) NM

iTripleJump Predicts: 1st Craddock, 2nd Bin, 3rd Compaoré.

Omar Craddock at last year’s Beijing World Championships:

Written by iTripleJump

A Triple Jumper for over 35 years - from an over-hopping junior to a county-level senior - I still enjoy jumping in national and international Masters competitions in the event that has gripped me since my first hop, step and jump onto a springless PE mat. Waiting for that perfect jump. That one perfect jump ...

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