Results: 2016 English Schools Championships

Gateshead International Stadium, 8th July 2016.

Senior Girls:
Last year’s Intermediate Girls Champion, Emily Gargan, took the Senior Girls title on her home track jumping just 14cm below her recent PB despite jumping into a 1.2m/s headwind. Katie Rowe added 27cm to her PB while Anastastia Davies improved her PB by 4cm despite both jumping into headwinds at Gateshead.

1. Emily Gargan (Durham) 12.22m (-1.2m/s)
2. Katie Rowe (Notts) 11.99m (-1.3m/s) (PB)
3. Anastastia Davies (Kent) 11.94m (-1.1m/s) (PB)
4. Zoe Hughes (Manchester) 11.45m (-1.5m/s)
5. Angel Kerin (Dorset) 11.15m (-0.6m/s)
6. Madeleine Smith (Dorset) 11.11m (-1.0m/s)
7. Joanna Lawler-Rhodes (North Yorkshire) 10.97m (-0.2m/s)
8. Mary Adeniji (Sussex) 10.85m (-0.1m/s)
9. Hollie Garrathy (Hampshire) 10.76m (-0.6m/s)
10. Rimini Miloro (Notts) 10.70m (-1.1m/s)
11. Zenni Enechi (Manchester) NM

Intermediate Girls:
The UK top ranked U17 jumper, Claudimira Landim, was just 5cm below her PB despite a 2m/s headwind while Adelaide Omitowoju set a new outdoor PB in 2nd place. Libby Wheeler added 48cm to her PB to take the bronze medal.

1. Claudimira Landim (London) 11.88m (-2.0m/s)
2. Adelaide Omitowoju (Essex) 11.79m (-1.4m/s)
3. Libby Wheeler (Humberside) 11.46m (+1.4m/s) (PB)
4. Mayi Hughes (Essex) 11.23m (-0.4m/s)
5. Emily Madden Forman (Warwickshire) 11.16m (-1.4m/s)
6. Katie Waterworth (Cheshire) 11.15m (-1.4m/s)
7. Katie Shingler (Lancashire) 11.07m (-1.0m/s)
8. Ola Olufemi-Krakue (Surrey) 10.96m (-1.1m/s)
9. Holly Smith (Merseyside) 10.95m (-1.8m/s)
10. Janae Duporte-Clarke (Suffolk) 10.94m (-1.6m/s)
11. Sophie Bishop (Norfolk) 10.92m (-0.1m/s)
12. Eloise Harvey (Kent) 10.91m (-0.9m/s)
13. Karina Harris (Kent) 10.89m (-1.8m/s)
14. Charlotte Jones (Staffordshire) 10.89m (-1.5m/s)
15. Emily Jarad (Cheshire) 10.84m (-0.7m/s)
16. Bethan Evans (Shropshire) 10.54m (-1.4m/s)
17. Lemeyah Isaac (West Midlands) 10.52m (-1.1m/s)
18. Caitlin Gallagher (Devon) 10.45m (-0.6m/s)
19. Rhianna Reynolds (Middlesex) 10.40m (+0.8m/s)
20. Katie Russell (Cumbria) 10.39m (-0.3m/s)
21. Kimberley Marston (Hereford & Worcester) 10.30m (-0.9m/s)
22. Grace Plater (West Yorkshire) 9.93m (-0.5m/s)

Senior Boys:
Jacob Veerapen repeated his success of last year in the Senior Boys contest, adding 22cm to his PB in the process. Jordan Walkett was just 20cm shy of his best despite jumping his best effort into a 1.2m/s headwind, while Ed Barbour improved his PB by 4cm in taking bronze.

1. Jacob Veerapen (Surrey) 14.74m (+0.5m/s) (PB)
2. Jordan Walklett (Cornwall) 14.23m (-1.2m/s)
3. Ed Barbour (Derbyshire) 13.71m (+0.5m/s) (PB)
4. Joshua Gible (Hampshire) 13.65m (+0.2m/s)
5. Jamil Hassan (Buckinghamshire) 13.58m (+0.0m/s)

Intermediate Boys:
Last year’s bronze medallist, Wesley Matsuka-Williams, took gold in a tightly fought contest just edging out Teepee Princewill, who improved his PB by 37cm, and Emmanuel Odubanjo, just 15cm below his best despite a 1.9m/s headwind n his best jump.

1. Wesley Matsuka-Williams (Norfolk) 14.46m (+1.8m/s)
2. Teepee Princewill (Bedfordshire) 14.44m (+1.1m/s) (PB)
3. Emmanuel Odubanjo (Manchester) 14.41m (-1.9m/s)
4. Samuel Antwi (Middlesex) 14.20m (+0.9m/s)
5. Dolapo Gbadamosi-Adeno (Hertfordshire) 13.95m (-0.2m/s) (PB)
6. Tobi Adeniji (West Yorkshire) 13.31m (+1.0m/s) (PB)
7. Dominic Blake (Manchester) 13.30m (-0.5m/s)
8. Jackson Cowans (Hertfordshire) 13.27m (+0.6m/s)
9. Joel Townley (Gloucestershire) 13.23m (-0.3m/s)
10. Levi Hughes (Hereford & Worcester) 12.99m (-0.2m/s)
11. Callum Winchester-Wright (Lincolnshire) 12.70m (-0.8m/s)
12. Elliot Kimber (Warwickshire) 12.69m (+0.3m/s)
13. Rhys Bennett (Essex) 12.58m (-1.2m/s)
14. Harrison Whitfield (Durham) 12.52m (+0.0m/s)
15. Abbas Adejonwo (Middlesex) 12.52m (+0.0m/s)
16. David Thomas (Northumberland) 12.50m (+0.5m/s)
17. James Milburn (Shropshire) 12.25m (+1.3m/s)

Junior Boys:
Matt Bondswell added 31cm to his PB to take gold ahead of Olowasubomi Bello, who improved his best by 44cm. Herbert Zumbika was 19cm above his previous PB in taking bronze. Matt’s winning jump moves him to the top of the British U15 rankings.

1. Matt Bondswell (Notts) 12.93m (+0.1m/s) (PB)
2. Olowasubomi Bello (London) 12.55m (+0.0m/s) (PB)
3. Herbert Zumbika (Middlesex) 12.42m (+0.9m/s) (PB)
4. Finlay Campbell (Lancashire) 12.36m (+1.1m/s) (PB)
5. Benedict Olusesan (Essex) 12.32m (+0.6m/s) (PB)
6. Seth Mokuolo (Essex) 11.98m (+0.8m/s)
7. Jeff Hagan (Middlesex) 11.96m (+1.4m/s)
8. Anthony George (Essex) 11.94m (+0.8m/s)
9. Joshua Young (Derbyshire) 11.77m (+0.5m/s)
10. Jay Piset (Chls) 11.70m (-0.3m/s)
11. Jesse Agwee (Sussex) 11.66m (+0.0m/s)
12. Hamish Comonte (Suffolk) 11.65m (-0.8m/s)
13. Archie Davis-Grant (Gloucestershire) 11.52m (+0.6m/s)
14. Odera Emeugogi (Middlesex) 11.20m (-1.3m/s)

Written by iTripleJump

A Triple Jumper for over 35 years - from an over-hopping junior to a county-level senior - I still enjoy jumping in national and international Masters competitions in the event that has gripped me since my first hop, step and jump onto a springless PE mat. Waiting for that perfect jump. That one perfect jump ...

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