Results: 2016 England Athletics U15/U17 Championships

Bedford International Stadium, Bedford, 27-28 August 2016.

U17 Women:
1. Claudimira Landim (Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets) 12.37m (+1.9m/s) PB
2. Abazz Shayam-Smith (Birchfield) 11.64m (+1.3m/s) PB
3. Adelaide Omitowoju (Cambridge & Coleridge) 11.55m (+0.6m/s)
4. Charlotte Jones (Charnwood ) 11.38m (+1.0m/s)
5. Kara Dobbie (Glasgow School of Sport) 11.30m (+0.4m/s)
6. Karina Harris (Blackheath & Bromley) 11.04m (+0.6m/s)
7. Grace Plater (Leeds City) 10.96m (+0.9m/s)
8. Katie Waterworth (Stockport) 10.92m (+0.8m/s)
9. Katie Shingler (Wigan & Distict) 10.78m (+1.4m/s)
10. Caitlin Gallagher (North Devon) 10.75m (+1.6m/s)
11. Sophie Bishop (City of Norwich) 10.64w (+2.3m/s)
12. Emily Jarad (Stockport) 10.60m (+0.9m/s)
13. Jasmine McClutchie (Andover) 10.25m (+1.5m/s)
14. Holly Smith (Liverpool) NM

Claudimira’s 12.37m ranks her 2nd on the British All-time U17 rankings behind Naomi Ogbeta’s 12.61m of 2014. Abazz’s 11.64m leap was a 28cm improvement on her PB from earlier this year as Indoor England Athletics U17 Champion Adelaide took bronze.

U15 Girls:
1. Jazz Sears (Luton) 11.02m (+0.5m/s) PB
2. Iris Oliarnyk (Halesowen) 10.64m (+0.7m/s) PB
3. Cara Fairgrieve (Glasgow School of Sport) 10.51m (+1.3m/s) PB
4. Laura Hickey (Leigh) 10.35m (+0.6m/s)
5. Megan Lasseter (Stockport) 10.24m (+0.7m/s)
6. Holly Aitchison (Stockport) 10.07m (-3.2m/s)
7. Daisy Clements (Halesowen) 9.98m (-1.2m/s)
8. Alice Hunt (Guernsey) 9.96m (-2.2m/s)
9. Katie Hudson (Stockport) 8.87m (+0.9m/s)
10. Zara Edeleanu (Medway & Maidstone) 8.66m (+0.5m/s)

Jazz broke the 11 metre barrier for the 2nd time in as many weeks as she bettered her PB by 2cm in taking gold. Iris took a national silver medal in her first competitive Triple Jump competition while added an impressive 44cm to her legal PB for a podium place.

U17 Men:
1. Wesley Matsuka-Williams (City of Norwich) 14.78m
2. Joel Khan (Worcester) 14.35m PB
3. Teepee Princewill (Harrow) 14.35m
4. Aidan Quinn (Glasgow School of Sport) 14.04m
5. Emmanuel Odubanjo (Sale) 13.95m
6. Dominic Blake (Trafford) 13.29m
7. Ryan Morgan (Braintree) 13.04m
8. Abbas Adejonwo (Shaftesbury Barnet) 13.03m
9. David Nawah (Reading) 12.98m

English Schools Champion  and recent Great Britain Junior International Wesley capped off a fantastic summer with gold at the England Athletics U17 Championships to go with his silver from the U20 Championships. Joel added 24cm to his PB in taking silver on countback from recent 15 metre jumper Teepee.

U15 Boys:
1. Miraji Ahmed (Glasgow School of Sport) 13.63m (+1.6m/s) NR
2. Herbert Zumbika (Basildon) 13.10m (+1.2m/s) PB
3. Jasper Kraamer (Leicester) 12.16w (+2.1m/s)
4. Joshua Young (Chesterfield) 12.10m (+1.9m/s)
5. Olowasubomi Bello (Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets) 11.90m (+0.9m/s)
6. Jeff Hagan (Shaftesbury Barnet) 11.53m (-2.7m/s)
7. Odera Umeugoji (Shaftesbury Barnet) 11.23m (+1.5m/s)
8. Charlie Williams (West Norfolk) 10.82m (+1.0m/s)

Miraji not only broke through the 13 metre barrier for the first time at Bedford but also set a new Scottish U15 Record to place 9th on the British All-time U15 rankings as he took th gold medal. English Schools bronze medallist Herbert added 68cm in taking silver as the slightest of breezes above the legal limit denied Jasper a new PB in taking bronze.

Written by iTripleJump

A Triple Jumper for over 35 years - from an over-hopping junior to a county-level senior - I still enjoy jumping in national and international Masters competitions in the event that has gripped me since my first hop, step and jump onto a springless PE mat. Waiting for that perfect jump. That one perfect jump ...

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