Results: 2016 British Masters Championships

Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, 18 September 2016.

45 Triple Jumpers over the age of 35 took part in the 2016 British Masters Track & Field Championships at the Alexander Stadium on Sunday with many of the athletes using the meeting as preparation for next month’s World Masters Championships in Perth, Australia. There were some outstanding performances, as well some as close competitions for national medals. The highlight of the Triple Jump events came in the W55 event as Janice Pryce improved the British Masters Record to 9.54m with her 1st round jump and then 9.75m in round 2, adding 46cm to the previous record set in 2014 by Teresa Eades.

Women’s Events

1. Lynsie Whyke (Wakefield District Harriers) 10.30m (+1.1m/s)
2. Rebecca Mulley (Southampton) 8.85m (+0.0m/s)

1. Amanda Wale (Wrexham) 9.47m (+0.0m/s)
2. Jackie Breslin (Radley) 7.50m (+0.0m/s)

1. Janice Timberlake (Worcester) 9.39m (+0.0m/s)
2. Melanie Garland (Worcester) 9.05m (+0.0m/s)
3. Mandy Rowley-Jones (Croydon Harriers) 8.15m (+0.0m/s)

1. Janice Pryce (Royal Sutton Coldfield) 9.75m (+0.0m/s) BRITISH RECORD
2. Danea Herron (City of Derry Spartans) 8.52m (+0.0m/s)
3. Susan Richardson (Oldham & Royton Harriers) 8.33m (+0.0m/s)
4. Clare St John-Cole (Chelmsford) 8.11m (+0.0m/s)
5. Julie Wakelam (Bromsgrove & Redditch) 7.44m (+0.0m/s)

1. Lyn Ahmet (Radley) 7.74m (+0.0m/s)

1. Sally Hine (Rugby & Northampton) 6.78m (+1.1m/s)
2. Linda Oxlade (Croydon Harriers) 4.28m (+0.0m/s)

1. Iris Holder (Worcester) 6.36m (+0.0m/s)

1. Anne Martin (Wymondham) 5.57m (+0.0m/s)

Men’s Events

1. Lawrence Harvey (Trafford) 14.62m (+0.7m/s)
2. Navid Childs (Thames Valley Harriers) 14.18m (+0.7m/s)
3. Stephen Leek (Livingston & District) 11.30m (+0.5m/s)
4. Rick Cordwell (Chorley Athletic) 11.19m (+0.0m/s)

1. Stephen Lake (Ashford) 11.38m (+0.0m/s)
2. Ben Anderson (Winchester & District) 11.21m (+0.0ms/)

1. Ben Radcliffe (Haywards Heath Harriers) 11.10m (+0.8m/s)
2. Leeroy Golding (Pendle) 9.75m (+0.0m/s)

1. Julien Gittens (Leeds City) 11.76m (-0.5m/s)
2. Clifford Warren (Loughton) 10.37m (-1.6m/s)
3. Steve Linsell (Leeds City) 10.34m (+0.0m/s)

1. John Barratt (Stockport Harriers) 11.10m (+0.1m/s)
2. Richard Phelan (Huntingdonshire) 10.82m (+0.0m/s) PB
3. Henry Hopkins (Worcester) 10.08m (+0.0m/s)
4. Pete Stepney (Abingdon) 9.40m (+0.0m/s)
5. David Shields (Reading) 9.20m (-1.1m/s)
6. Albert Earle (Midland Masters) NM

1. Ian Torode (South West Veterans) 9.18m (+2.0m/s)
2. William Lonsdale (Aberdeen) 8.84m (+0.0m/s)

1. Dave Folgate (Bedford & County) 10.19m (+0.0m/s)
2. Patrick Reynolds (Veterans AC) 6.49m (+0.0m/s)

1. Allan Long (Herne Hill Harriers) 8.55m (+0.0m/s)
2. Allan Cheers (Basingstoke & Mid Hants) 8.26m (+0.0m/s)
3. James Smith (Motherwell) 8.06m (+0.8m/s) PB
4. Norman Rice (Epsom & Ewell Harriers) 7.53m (+0.0m/s)

1. Pinchas Shechter (EVAC/Israel) 8.81m (+0.0m/s)
2. David Haines (Fleet & Crookham) NM

1. John Evans (Rugby & Northampton) 6.82m (+0.8m/s)

Written by iTripleJump

A Triple Jumper for over 35 years - from an over-hopping junior to a county-level senior - I still enjoy jumping in national and international Masters competitions in the event that has gripped me since my first hop, step and jump onto a springless PE mat. Waiting for that perfect jump. That one perfect jump ...

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