Results: 2018 Commonwealth Games

Carrara Stadium, Gold Coast, Australia, 10-14 April 2018.

1. Kimberly Williams (Jamaica) 14.64m PB (X, 14.34m, X, 14.37m, X, 14.64m)
2. Shanieka Ricketts (Jamaica) 14.52m (14.52m, X, 14.33m, 14.16m, 14.39m, X)
3. Thea Lafond (Dominica) 13.92m (13.82m, 13.52m, 3.92m, 13.62m, X, 13.62m)
4. Lerato Sechele (Lesotho) 13.57m NR ( 13.10m, 13.57m, 11.57m, 13.21m, 13.22m, 13.29m)
5. Blessing Ibrahim (Nigeria) 13.48m (13.20m, 13.48m, X, 12.99m, 13.27m, 13.00m)
6.  Ayanna Alexander (Trinidad and Tobago) 13.47m (13.39m, 13.47m, X, 13.34m, 13.21m, 13.27m)
7. Joelle Sandrine Mbumi Nkouindjin (Cameroon) 13.45m (13.22m, 13.45m, 13.10m, 12.93m, X, 13.04m)
8. Natricia Hooper (Guyana) 13.36m PB (13.07m, 13.19m, 13.36m, 13.24m, 13.34m, 11.64m)
9. Tamara Myers (Bahamas) 13.15m (X, 13.06m, 13.15m)
10. Nadia Eke (Ghana) 13.05m (13.05m, X, 12.86m)
11. Natrena Hooper (Guyana) 12.62m (12.32m, 12.62m, 12.04m)
— Rellie Kaputin (Papa New Guinea) NM

1. Troy Doris (Guyana) 16.88m (16.67m, 16.88m, 16.26m, X, P, X)
2. Yordanys Duranona Garcia (Dominica) 16.86m (16.86m, 16.85m, 16.77m, P, P, X)
3. Marcel Mayack II (Cameroon) 16.80m PB (15.71m, 16.17m, 16.29m, 15.69m, 16.30m, 16.80m)
4. Arpinder Singh (India) 16.46m (16.35m, X, X, 16.46m, 16.39m, 15.98m)
5. NATHAN DOUGLAS (ENGLAND) 16.35m (16.35m, 16.35m, X, X, X, X)
6. Jonathan Drack (Mauritius) 16.28m (15.54m, 16.25m, 15.95m, 15.77m, X, 16.28m)
7. Clive Pullan (Jamaica) 16.25m (X, X, 16.16m, 16.20m, X, 16.25m)
8. Roger Haitengi (Namibia) 16.24m (16.24m, 16.12m, X, 15.85m, 15.70m, 15.38m)
9. Muhammad Hakimi Ismail (Malaysia) 15.97m (15.77m, X, 15.97m)
10. Jumonne Exeter (St Vincent and the Grenadines) 15.92m (15.22m, 15.92m, X) (Qualification 16.09m NR)
11. Latario Collie (Bahamas) 15.90m (15.71m, X, 15.90m)

Written by iTripleJump

A Triple Jumper for over 35 years - from an over-hopping junior to a county-level senior - I still enjoy jumping in national and international Masters competitions in the event that has gripped me since my first hop, step and jump onto a springless PE mat. Waiting for that perfect jump. That one perfect jump ...

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