Results: 2018 English Schools Athletics Championships

Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, 13-14 July 2018.

Senior Girls:
1. Abazz Shayaam-Smith (West Midlands) 12.83m PB
2. Adelaide Omitowoju (Cambridgeshire) 12.55m PB
3. Mayi Hughes (London) 12.40m PB
4. Jade Oni (Kent) 12.39m
5. Eloise Harvey (Kent) 12.20m
6. Holly Smith (Merseyside) 11.72m
7. Ola Olufemi-Krakue (Surrey) 11.35m
8. Janae Duporte-Clarke (Suffolk) 11.27m PB
9. Rebecca Keen (Cumbria) 11.14m
10. Jasmine Lovell (Staffordshire) 11.11m
11. Emma Bakare (Avon) 11.10m
12. Emily Jarad (Cheshire) 11.10m
13. Karina Harris (Kent) 11.09m
14. Grace Plater (West Yorkshire) 10.98m
15. Sophie Bishop (Norfolk) 10.91m
16. Ite Aderoju (Bedforshire) 10.70m
17. Rebecca Thorpe (County Durham) 10.54m
18. Alice Linaker (North Yorkshire) 10.30m

Intermediate Girls:
1. Jazz Sears (Bedfordshire) 12.46m Championship Record
2. Iris Oliarnyk (West Midlands) 12.18m PB
3. Diane Mapamboli (London) 11.97m
4. Amelia Daley (Hertfordshire) 11.78m PB
5. Eleanor Brown (Norfolk) 11.75m PB
6. Kelsey Sutherland (Sussex) 11.56m
7. Holly Aitchison (Manchester) 11.44m
8. Klaudia Walas (Berkshire) 10.90m
9. Sophie Hodgson (Nottinghamshire) 10.85m
10. Emma Simpson (Manchester) 10.74m
11. Sophie Brown (Gloucestershire) 10.71m
12. Aimee Lester (Devon) 10.65m
13. Madeline Wilton (Hampshire) 10.53m
14. Fleur Mansell (Dorset) 10.46m
15. Jordan Thrower (Cleveland) 10.36m
16. Holly Griffiths-Brown (Oxford)

Senior Boys:
1. Wesley Matsuka-Williams (Norfolk) 14.93m
2. Joel Townley (Gloucestershire) 14.66m
3. Samuel Oduro Antwi (Middlesex) 14.47m
4. Emmanuel Odubanjo (Manchester) 14.35w (+2.1m/s)
5. Matthew Ingram (Lancashire) 14.35m
6. Theophilus Fadayiro (Essex) 14.32m
7. Harrison Whitfield (Durham) 13.85m PB
8. Matthew Yates (Shropshire) 13.16m PB

Intermediate Boys:
1. Josh Woods (Hertforshire) 14.37m PB
2. Archie Yeo (Humberside) 14.02m
3. Renaldo Smith (Bedfordshire) 13.93m PB
4. Deshawn Lascelles (Cambridgeshire) 13.91m PB
5. Oyare Aneju (Oxfordshire) 13.77m PB
6. Louis Goffin (Sussex) 13.62m PB
7. Seth Mokuolu (Essex) 13.50m PB
8. Kenan Stephens (Middlesex) 13.26m PB
9. Jasper Kraamer (Warwickshire) 12.95m
10. Nahbi Odeh (Leicestershire) 12.93m
11. Jeff Hagan (Middlesex) 12.81m
12. Ethan Stephenson (Northumberland) 12.77m
13. Finlay Campbell (Lancashire) 12.50m
14. Oluwasubomi Bello (London) 12.41m
15. Sepiso Irotumhe (Lincolnshire) 11.87m

Junior Boys:
1. Aaron Ashmead-Shoye (Essex) 13.57m PB
2. Jacob Byfield (Kent) 12.91w (+2.8m/s)
3. Oliver D’Rozario (Somerset) 12.87w (+2.9m/s)
4. Joshua Ogunfolaju (Essex) 12.79m
5. Oliver Crawford (Berkshire) 12.76m PB
6. Jedidiah Oni (Essex) 12.57w (+2.4m/s)
7. Ayo Opaleye (Cambridgeshire) 12.42m =PB
8. Shawn Ampofo (Buckinghamshire) 12.38m
9. Alex Westbrook (Oxfordshire) 12.35m PB
10. Bryn Cann (Surrey) 12.33m PB
11. Ethan Court (West Midlands) 12.31m
12. Sammy Ball (Berkshire) 12.29m PB
13. Ezra Fernandes (Hertforshire) 12.27w (+2.4m/s)
14. Benjamin Pearson (North Yorkshire) 11.93m
15. Adam Farrow (Warwickshire) 11.74m
16. Cody Roe (Lincolnshire) 11.64m PB
17. Israel Arode (London) 11.64m
18. Christopher Turner (Derbyshire) 11.64m
19. Finley McGill (Devon) 11.55m
20. Alex Tarttelin (Berkshire) 11.48w (+2.1m/s)
21. Ben Butcher (Dorset) 10.23w (+2.2m/s)

Written by iTripleJump

A Triple Jumper for over 35 years - from an over-hopping junior to a county-level senior - I still enjoy jumping in national and international Masters competitions in the event that has gripped me since my first hop, step and jump onto a springless PE mat. Waiting for that perfect jump. That one perfect jump ...

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