Results: 2018 European Athletics Championships

Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany, 6-12 August 2018.

1. Paraskevi Papachristou (Greece) 14.60m (-0.1m/s) (X, 14.60m, X, X, X, 14.32m)
2. Kristin Gierisch (Germany) 14.45m (-0.5m/s) PB (14.45m, 13.93m, 13.24m, 14.39m, 14.34m, 14.23m)
3. Ana Peleteiro (Spain) 14.44m (+0.1m/s) (14.42m, 14.33m, 14.12m, X, X, 14.44m)
4. Elena Andreea Panturoiu (Romania) 14.38m (+0.4m/s) (X, 14.19m, X, 14.38m, X, X)
5. Hanna Minenko (Israel) 14.37m (+0.7m/s) (14.37m, X, 14.15m, X, 13.65m, 13.94m)
6. Gabriela Petrova (Bulgaria) 14.26m (-0.4m/s) (14.2m, 11.61m, 13.92m, 14.25m, 14.26m, 12.05m)
7. Jeanine Assani Issouf (France) 14.12m (+0.2m/s) (14.12m, 13.58m, 14.00m, 14.00m, 13.72m, 13.52m)
8. Rouguy Diallo (France) 14.08m (+0.7m/s) (14.08m, X, 13.72m, 13.65m, X, 13.87m)
9. Kristiina Mäkelä (Finland) 14.01m (-0.1m/s) (13.93m, 14.01m, X)
10. Neele Eckhardt (Germany) 14.01m (+0.2m/s) (14.01m, 13.83m, 12.31m)
11. Susana Costa (Portugal) 13.97m (+0.2m/s) (13.78m, 13.97m, 13.87m)
12. NAOMI OGBETA (GB) 13.94m (+0.1m/s) (13.94m, 13.59m, 13.23m)

In Qualification:
Rouguy Diallo (France) 14.31m (-0.1m/s) PB
NAOMI OGBETA (GB) 14.15m (-1.6m/s) PB British U23 Record

1. Nelson Évora (Portugal) 17.10m (-0.1m/s) (X, 16.55m, 16.86m, 16.87m, 17.10m, X)
2. Alexis Copello (Azerbaijan) 16.93m (+0.1m/s) (16.78m, 16.93m, X, P, 15.91m, 16.79m)
3. Dimitrios Tsiamis (Greece) 16.78m (-0.1m/s) (16.55m, X, 6.78m, 16.48m, X, 16.13m)
4. Nazim Babayev (Azerbaijan) 16.76m (-0.1m/s) (X, X, 16.66m, 16.17m, X, 16.76m)
5. Pablo Torrijos (Spain) 16.74m (-0.5m/s) (16.07m, 16.65m, 16.74m, 16.43m, 16.57m, 16.47m)
6. NATHAN DOUGLAS (GB) 16.71m (+0.2m/s) (16.71m, X, 16.69m, 16.59m, X, 16.71m)
7. Jean-Marc Pontvianne (France) 16.61m (+0.3m/s) (X, 16.42m, 16.61m, 16.8m, X, 16.59m)
8. Tomas Veszelka (Slovakia) 16.48m (+0.4m/s) (16.48m, X, 16.29m, 16.26m, X, X)
9. Simo Lipsanen (Finland) 16.46m (+0.2m/s) (16.37m, X, 16.46m)
10. Marcos Ruiz (Spain) 16.44m (+0.5m/s) (X, X, 16.44m)
11. Harold Correa (France) 16.33m (-0.2m/s) (X, X, 16.33m)
12. Can Özüpek (Turkey) 15.88m (+0.5m/s) 15.74m, 15.88m, 15.82m)

Written by iTripleJump

A Triple Jumper for over 35 years - from an over-hopping junior to a county-level senior - I still enjoy jumping in national and international Masters competitions in the event that has gripped me since my first hop, step and jump onto a springless PE mat. Waiting for that perfect jump. That one perfect jump ...

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